Airport Frankfurt
From 2006 till 2008, Frankfurt

I Projection and Detailed scheduling for the building shell and finish in collaboration with the Ernst & Young AG, Frankfurt a. M.

The Flughafen Frankfurt Main (airport Frankfurt Main) is one of the most important airports worldwide and can already reflect upon 80 years history. Each year nearly 50 Mio. passengers start and arrive by plane at the Frankfurter Flughafen. There are up to half a million take-offs and landings.

As a result of the expansion efforts of the Fraport AG for the extension of a new airstrip and the terminal 3 in the south the connection between terminal 1 and 2 will be extended and closed.The so-called CD-Riegel with a total length about approx. 300 m will be put into operation December 31st in 2007.

Completion of building: Mai 2008

Construction sum: approx. 80 Mio. EUR

flughafen frankfurt
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