Design contest bicycle-bridge Konstanz

2007, Konstanz

I Contribution to the „Realization contest for the Pedestrian and Bicycle bridge of the area of Petershausen in Konstanz“ (Purchase)

I A pedestrian or bicyclist, coming from the river Rein passing through the Herose-park, will enter the Ebertplatz and turns north. Entering the Sankt-Genhard-Street, a quiet residential street, he will enjoy a row of trees formed by early blooming „Hawthorn“ trees up until the planned bridge square.

On this bridge square, with the characteristics of a carpet, a bridge sculpture in the shape of a helix is going upwards. Heading north, the combined pedestrian - bicycle bridge becomes a spatial curve over the railroad and descents north of the Gustav-Schwab-Street.

The design fulfills the primary goal to provide a fast connection between the bridge square and the Gustav-Schwab-Street, mainly for bicyclists.

I The design concept ..

The simply winded „Helix“ shape starting at the bridge square, slowly un-winding along the Gustav-Schwab-Street creates a unique character for this bridge. Shape and design go hand in hand.

Slim pillars, which seem to just touching the ground, give the light colored concrete bridge a floating image. Handicapped people are able to reach the centre train platform by the use of two elevators and platform ramps.

The future area of Peterhausen will get a dominating landmark with this functional and high quality designed pedestrian and bicycle bridge.

wettbewerb fuß- & radwegebrücke
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