Bridge Itztal

2006, Coburg

I Bridge across Itztal near Oberwohlsbach

The intention was to adapt the bridge to the natural environment, that means not to design a dominating construction. This results in some important criteria for the concept:

I short and nearly equal spans (no high bridge across the valley and no dominant main opening)

I transparent and filigree structure (no impression of a barrier)

I a light and „aliform“ superstructure (no heavy cover)

I point supports (no impression of a dam)

I sculptural design (a tribute to the nature)

I robust and low-maintenance structure (because of a bad accessibility and demanding maintenance)

The listed criteria are the basis for 9 versions of the construction. For each of these versions a rough estimate have been issued.

length of the bridge: 160 metres
width of the superstructure: 17 metres

Awarding authority: Building authority Bamberg, section road construction

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