Bridge in Meyernreuth BW 0-3

2006, Meyernreuth

I Inspection of building according to BauPrüfVO (German ordinance on the inspection of building)

The skewed overpass bridge crosses the public forestry road near Meyernreuth. The bridge completes the expansion of the road section between the B 22 (main road) and the A 9 (autobahn).

The bridge is designed and constructed as a frame structure.
This reinforced concrete bridge has a double T girder cross section. The abutment and wing walls are founded shallowly. They are monolitic with the superstructure.
The Pötzl Ingenieure GmbH was responsible for the approval of the analysis and design of the structure according to BauPrüfVO (German ordinance on the inspection of building).

I Geometry:

Crossing angle approx. 88,6 gon

Distance between supports approx. 22 metres (at the abutment end of the haunch section) / 25 m / 29,50 m)

Width of the bridge approx. 12,20 metres

Year of construction: 2006

Client: Staatliches Bauamt Bayreuth, Sektion Straßenbau

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