Bridge Probststraße
From 2007 till 2009, Stuttgart-Möhringen

I New building of the bridge Probststraße
(for Knippers Helbig)

As a result of the bridge and road construction of the new routed Probststraße in Stuttgart-Möhringen the civil engineering office of Stuttgart is planning a new bridgework across the railyards of Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) northeastern of the station Möhringen.

The width of the overpass over the railyards will be 3,355 m in an eastward direction and 3,255 m in a westward direction. The overall width between the railings will be 11,61 m.

The minimum clear height between the railyards of the SSB and the superstructure of the new bridge will be 5,15m. The span will be approx. 17,5 m.

The concept includes an integral framework, which will meet the clients geometric and functional requirements. The remarkable sculptural design results from strict structural requirements.

brücke probststraße
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