Conceptual design Rodachbrücke BW 1-1

2007, Zeyern

I The planned local by-pass Zeyern

In the course of the new building of the main road
B 173 the bridgework BW 1-1 over the Rodach is planned to be built as a local by-pass for Zeyern. At the same time the bridge functions as a flood gate for a HQ 100. We have taken a closer look at six of the design concepts.

The proposed new route for highway B 173 is to provide a local by-pass for Zeyern. In the new B 173, a bridge structure is needed to cross the Rodach River. At the same time the bridge functions as a flood gate for the HQ 100. Six possible types of prestress bridge structures were investigated and the most optimal design was chosen.

I The Structure

The chosen structure has a balanced stress-level without critical stress peaks.
The demand for prestressing steel can be limited because of the haunches and clamping in the fourth span.

The semi-integral and low-maintenance bridge is robust.. The filigree supports cause only low forced stresses.

Slender pier supports were used in order to reduce the self-limiting internal stresses in the structure.
The south abutment functions as a flexible abutment because of a total bridge length of approx. 97 metres.

Length of the bridge: approx. 97 m
Width of the superstructure: approx. 18 m

Client: Staatliches Bauamt Bamberg, Sektion Straßenbau

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