Design contest bridge Bamberg
2006, Bamberg

I Contribution to the „Realization contest for the suspension bridge in Bamberg“

I The idea ..

The suspension bridge is the entrance to the historic Old Town. The bridge is situated on the important main urbanistic axis between the main station and the cathedral and it is an essential connection for the urban life. The human being is the focus of the project although the bridge has been opened to traffic. Men is the basis for the dimensions.

I The design concept ..

Consequently it has to be a suspension bridge because of the restrictive requirements for the headroom, for the directly adjoining building and circulation area. The dimensions and design of the bridge avoid competition with the Luitpold- and Löwenbridge because it should be an urban bridge but not an important road bridge. Nevertheless the bridge is never unimpressive. Pairs of pylon supporting disks inclined towards the water produce stress because of their powerful shape and they mark the beginning and end of the bridge. The sagging support cable rope and the vertical suspension give the impression of calm and invite the passengers to rest and linger across the bridge.

At night the bridge turns into a stage. Powerful Solid State LED lights illuminate the pylon supporting disks and suspension. Linear lamps within the handrail and grating show the outline of the bridge. Blue and cool white light are dominating and stand consciously in contrast to the existing structure which is illuminated by warm white light.

I The structure ..

The suspension bridge is self-anchored to avoid a large-scale intervention behind the side walls. The foundation remains in front of the side walls.At this point the pylons are inclined. They make an efficient relation between span and visibility conditions of about 10 possible and prevent significant horizontal reactions.

I The construction ..

The superstructure is a light steel composite structure. Four hermetically sealed box girders and cross girders at intervals of approx. 5 cm bear the untensioned concrete slab with a thickness about 30 cm. The pylons of rolled steel are formed according to the bending. Steel castings at the adjustable drawbar and at the pylon base transfer the high local forces to the connected components without stress peaks.

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