From 2007 till 2009, Coburg

I Redevelopment and finish of the Gustav-Freytag-Weg (side road) using a bore pile wall

There are slope movements up to 50 mm caused by heavy rainfalls on the building ground. The Pötzl Ingenieure GmbH designed a concept for the structure ordered by of the City of Coburg.

The static calculations show that the bore pile wall is efficient and therefore provides optimal slope reinforcement. On top of that, the bore pile wall lined with shot Crete in the upper section can limit the above-mentioned slope movements.

Furthermore, different construction levels have been simulated and analyzed, whereas the loadings of the construction progress have been tested in 2D as well as in a 3D-Finite-Element-Modell. As a result, the buildability has been proved.

Additionally the results of the static determination have been verified on site by a test load at three relevant spots.

Length of the structure: approx. 400 m
Width of the road: approx. 12,5 m

Awarding authority: Stadt Coburg, Kommunalunternehmen Coburger Entsorgungs- und Baubetrieb CEB

Total construction sum: approx. 1,4 Mio. EUR

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