Max-Planck-Institute of Ornithology
2006, Seewiesen (by the Eßsee)

I Inspection of building according to BauPrüfVO (German ordinance on the inspection of building)

A new building for the institute of ornithology is planned on the campus of the Max-Planck-Institute in Seewiesen. It has a floor area about approx. 4000 m² and is built of reinforced concreted.

This new building consists of a two stories, with basement and a separate single story technical building without basement. The ground-floor is built as a white tank because the building stands close to the lake.

The new building will be connected to the exisiting buildings by bridges built of steel structures and glass.

The lakeshore at the Starnberger See is noted for the research about gray gooses by Konrad Lorenz.

Dimensions: approx. 80 x 15 m

Awarding authority: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft / Rural district office Starnberg

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