Overpasses of Schirnding

2006, Schirnding

I Overpasses over the B 303 (main road) near Schirnding

On the local bypass of Schirnding the Bundesstraße 303 (main road) from Marktredwitz to the border (at Eger) will be extended from a two-lane road to a four-lane road. Two existing overpasses cannot be used any longer and therefore have to be replaced.

I The project ..

The objective was to construct and design the overpasses over the main road „Selb-Schirnding“ and the side road „Schirnding-Fischern“ with many variations. One of the variations will be the basis for the planning approval.

The “overpasses of Schirnding” should be suggestive of the High-Tech-Land Bayern to the travellers coming from east. They differ from the countless standard constructions. At least more than 7 millions of travellers pass through these overpasses each year!

Therefore the main road will be overpassed in one fell swoop. In this way the overpasses give the impression of innovation and modernity. The distance about 50 metres will be spanned by a monolithic concrete construction.

I The concept of statics

The effect of the framework and truss makes a light and slim looking superstructure possible. The robust structure due to missing bearings brings down maintenance costs.

The design is adapted to the material and gives a sculptural impression.

Length of the overpass: 50 metres
Width of the superstructure: 13 metres

Awarding authority: building authority Bayreuth, section road construction

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