Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
2005 up to now, Grafenwöhr

I Audit of a building according to BauPrüfVO

As a result of the reorganization of troops in Europe and Germany, the U.S. Army based an additional contingent of soldiers in the training area Grafenwöhr.

This major project of the U.S. Army Europe is named “Efficient Basing Grafenwöhr” (EB-G). With a total construction volume about propably 650 Million EUR just for military building activities and its complexity it is one of the greatest building projects in Germany at present.

Additionally about 150 military single objects - new buildings, remodellings, redevelopments and infrastructural activities - have to be built in the training area for approx. 3500 soldiers and 5000 civilians until the end of 2009 within a total construction period about 8 years.

The Pötz Ingenieure GmbH is responsible for the inspection of 4 vehicle maintenance facilities and the relevant documents of execution of construction work according to BauPrüfVO

The total gross volume of the project amounts approx. 100.00 m³.

Construction period: from 2005 til 2009

Client: U.S. Army

Awarding authority: Regierung Oberpfalz

vehicle maintenace facilities
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