Wooden staircase with a folded structure
2006, Coburg

I Wooden staircase with a folded plate for a single-family house in Coburg.

Looking at a staircase from a different perspective then as a functional element, but as a part of the furniture, one has to consequently remove disturbing elements. Less is more!

A folding structure is provides natural stiffnes with inherent rigidity. Therefore, stringers are not necessary. The folded structure bears the load more efficiently than stringers would do.

Within the framework of a new building of a 3,5 m long wooden staircase with a folded structure out of beech-plywood has been designed and built. The plates are only 50 mm thick and have a bending-resistant and shear bolt-glued connection.

Circumstancial FE-calculations and tests in a ratio 1:1 at the Hochschule Coburg proved that the connections have a high load capacity. The pre-stressed bolts make sure that there won’t occur any gaps between the connected plates at the maximum capacity.

Thus the staircase has sufficient rigidity and the maximum deflection under working load about 1 kN/m² amounts less than 1 cm.

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